API access

All converters can be used and integrated for free in your website. You just have to put a link on your website with the following format:
  • CONVERTER: The converter, for instance “432hz”, “audiospeedchanger”, “midi”, etc.
  • URL_ENCODED_FILE: The url encoded file you want to convert.
  • “apisubmit=true”: If set then the converter is automatically started. This parameter is optional.
  • “par1”, “par2”, …: Here you can add converter parameters, for instance “tempo=75”. You can find the appropriate parameters by checking each converters HTML form elements.

The following url shows an example for converting the tempo of an audio file:

Qustions? Just contact us here.


Server API access

We also offer a private REST server API which allows transparent integration into your website and apps without ever showing the website. Please contact us for details and pricing details.