Convert music to 432 Hertz

Use this tool to convert music from a source frequency to a target frequency (such as 432 Hertz). You can either select a local file or input a remote file location for conversion. If you are logged in (get a free account here) you can opt-in to get notified by email once the conversion is finished.
For offline usage we recommend the 432hz converter app.

Enter a remote file url location of the audio file to convert.
Select a local audio file from your harddisk which you want to convert. If you want to convert a remote file then leave this field blank. The maximum file size is 100MB.
Source frequency (Hz):
Target frequency (Hz):
Enter the source and target frequencies. A common (western music) source frequency is 440Hz.
Check this to get the converted file by email (if the converted file is less than 10MB). This option is only available for registered users.
Check this to get an email notification with the download link when the media conversion has finished. This option is only available for registered users.